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The future of apps and sevices lies in the way data is analyzed to chart further actions.

It is machine learning that allows better understanding of customer preferences and behaviors to drive real increase of engagement, conversions, process automation and decision-making.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Opinion Mining
Opinion Mining
Better business decisions to unlock

new sources of growth

We build solutions and businesses that bring about a better future with data and AI. We offer a complete data science consulting service that works towards your ultimate business objectives - increase revenue, maximise utility and reduce costs.

It's time now to adopt machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions that enables a quantum leap in automated operations, risk management, and personalized customer service providing the relevant, data driven personalized product recommendations for every customer interaction.

Recommendations & Personalization

With personalised product recommendations, you can engage more buyers and convert them into customers faster. Thus, transforming your organisation’s ability to increase your average order value as well as with reduced workload and overhead in your sales cycle.

  • Product Recommendation
  • Search Personalization
  • Mobile Personalization
  • eMail, Social Personalization
  • Re targeting
  • Cart abandonment
Predictive Analytics

We help you integrate predictive analytics into your business operations to let you instantly quantify your success, predict demand, foresee risks and boost customer acquisition and retention.

  • Big Data, Any Data
  • Fast Analytics
  • Automatic updates
  • Smart Dashboards
Chatbots & Conversational Interfaces

Conversational AI is transforming the way businesses engage customers. AI bots can make your engagements easier, smarter and automate repetitive jobs to optimise operations and automate your key processes to improve controls.

  • Growth beyond human limits
  • The power of understanding
  • Transform UX with intelligent apps
  • Smart recommendations
  • Deliver a customer-first service
Opinion Mining

Our dedicated data science experts can join your project to analyze emotions and tones in what people write online, like tweets or reviews. We can implement a data driven solution to monitor customer service and support conversations at scale to predict their emotions so your business can quickly identify and address issues and share best practices.

Sentiment Analysis with
  • Tone Analysis
  • Social listening
  • Visual Recognition
  • Personality Insights
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