Transparent Process, Determined Team, Rapid Progress, Enterprise grade App Development.

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adyog is the intersection of a determined team, a challenging deadline, a specific goal converged at a time space called now

The promise

Innovation engineered to drive growth.

  prototyping in 5 days

  app development in 21 days

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Web app development

Discover new possibilities. Innovation engineered to drive growth.

The modern web is the most open, flexible and modular application runtime available both via mobile and desktop browsers. Today's web application's architectures enable them behave more like their native counterparts on mobile than apps of the web’s old guard.

Over the years, the tools have matured but continue to evolve rapidly. These improvements allow reuse of back end systems and APIs across native and web platforms, faster development timelines, reductions in build and maintenance costs, increased flexibility, and advanced user experiences (UX). We have mastered the art of end-to-end web development.

Web app developmentMagento Services eCommerce Services

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web application development

Mobile app development

Rock-solid, enterprise grade app development.

iOS and Android application development has been a top priority for adyog. Our development team has reached new heights in building apps and successfully launching them in App Stores. Our developer's progressive approach allow users to get all the smart features, announced by Apple and Google, increasing loyalty and satisfaction.

Our deep understanding of the user preferences, and experience in all aspects of UI design to cover the complicity of app creation for a variety of smartphones and tablets.

iOS DevelopmentAndroid Development
Mobile back end engineeringQuality Assurance

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mobile application development
data science

Data science & ai

Unlock new sources of growth.

Every organization has extensive amount of raw data that are not put to use despite knowing how it could work for you, more due to lack of right resources, processes and technology for it to be operated with.

We build and implement a data driven strategy that works to your business needs providing business intelligence, optimized processes, maximized utility, cost reduction to increase profits and unlock new sources of growth with fresh insights into customer behavior.

Recommendations & PersonalizationPredictive Analytics
Chatbots & Conversational InterfacesOpinion Mining

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data science

Turnkey E-Commerce Solution

Grow your business with an Agile, End-to-end eCommerce Solution.

Your customers are shopping from multiple channels (mobile, web) and they expect a seamless, personalized and superior experience every time. Get access to a fully loaded integrated omnichannel e-commerce solution suite.

It’s the ideal solution for those

  • establish a new online business quickly and affordably
  • who seek to refresh and migrate to new platforms
  • companies who prefer to outsource online business
  • seeking to expand their current capabilities
turnkey ecommerce
product design

Product design

Designing for global made possible.

Our experienced multidisciplinary gurus provide a comprehensive full-stack design ideation leading to a holistic design experience for the end user. Our design process is based on research and rapid but effective prototyping.

Starting from the initial problem that is to be solved, you will get tailored solutions and recommendations that will help you generate a unique value proposition for the existing and potential customer.

Service DesignProduct DesignPrototyping

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product design

Virtual office

Global, on-demand, 24x7 workforce.

The overhead, delay and additional costs associated with hiring and managing a temporary workforce is always significant for all businesses. You can now hire developers for the time you need without notice and spend only for the time they serve.

By leveraging the skills of on-demand workers, you can significantly lower costs while achieving results that might not have even been possible with dedicated team. Scale to the business needs without the hassles in scaling your in house workforce. Keep your projects on track with predictable costs and provide the deterministic outcomes to your business.

DevopsUX DesignersData analystsDomain Experts

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virtual office
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