We offer expertise to simplify your migration design and transformation of legacy applications, helping you reinvent IT delivery and keeping it on the high-road.


Essentially a rip-and-replace strategy with new approaches, tools and methodologies involving mapping with gap-analysis and decisions on solutions.


Challenges with legacy are multi-focal and always a stress on IT delivery. We help you re-architect and fit it back in to modern IT service.

Database Migration Services

Maintaining the continuity while migrating to and from on-premise, dc's and cloud is a significant challenge. We safely deal it for you.

Platform Migration

End-of-life, Performance, Standards and Regulations are few keywords that keep delivery personnel on toes. We help you navigate this securely.

Tech & Architecture Upgrade

Our technology & architecture upgrade service is committed to draft and execute your roadmap for the future with key technology decisions. Our experience is your advantage, with best practices that enable organizations to plan, manage, develop and secure complex IT investments and keep it always on the high-road cost-effectively. We lead with experience from thousands of engagements to deliver business value quickly by planning and executing key decisions like re-platforming, re-developing, re-hosting or even replacement and retirement.

Legacy Application Migration

Organizations across the world are in a constant need to re-evaluate their current mission-critical applications looking for ways to reduce TCO, increase reliability, and allow their business users to be more productive. We specialize in the transformation of legacy applications from Delphi, Oracle Forms, and PowerBuilder to C# and Microsoft .NET technologies, creating cross-platform applications and supporting multi channel delivery. The migration process starts with an assessment and the project team creates a roadmap for modernization.

Application Migration /

Database Migration Services

Our database migration services helps you migrate data to and from all widely used commercial, open source and cloud databases. Our experts ensure that the migration replicates data continuously with our near-complete automated solutions for schema conversion between disparate engines while keeping the source database online. If there is a need to migrate databases to and from any of the following Mysql, Postgresql, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, Mongo DB, etc., reliably and easily, our experts can do it for you.


Platform Migration

Your current platform has reached end of life, or demands for performance and availability of service have simply outgrown the platform, or regulations and standards have imposed mandates that your IT environment is unable to meet. No matter what the reasons, if you need to ensure that the current systems are not in line with your business objectives, our Platform Migration Services could be your answer.

Platform Migration



Transition your IT infrastructure so your business can continually grow and adapt to evolving business demands.


Re-architecting the solution and migrating the components could lead to significant cost savings.


Be certain about your IT organization's security and compliance posture.


Be certain about the results and confidently re-engage key skilled resources in areas they can be more productive.

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